A Great Sun is waiting for you in the week of January 28th-February 1st [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… Then that Maxim falls under the spell of the wrong person, Claire and Manu are seeking answers after the violent assault witnessed by the doctor Alphand. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! Maximus plays with fire Maxime is now the new assistant Elizabeth Bastide in OIC, and enjoys compliments. But Manon is destabilized by a text message anonymous that it receives containing a photo of it. Shortly after, Maxime shows him a message of threats he has received, with stolen a photo of them… Someone trying to harm them by revealing their link to the parents of Manon ? In reality, it is a Maxim that puts everything in the scene to use the girl. Joy, her roommate, is disturbed to see a teenager being manipulated, and tries to put a stop to his actions. Alice and Julien, for their part, were very hard to understand what is happening in the head of their daughter. But then that Maxim must go to the country house to drop off documents at the request of his patron, he falls under the spell of Alice… and finds himself in a bad position. Claire refuses to compromise for Manu the investigation into The knife attack witnessed by the doctor Alphand patina. Manu convenes Cécile Alphandau position because he hopes that her husband’s help to interview the victim, suspect not to say anything to the police. For him, it is a settlement of accounts. Cécile is surprised by the request of Manu and interprets it as jealousy. Manu then turned to Claire, as she is the nurse of the victim, Marc, a counselor at heritage. For him, he launders money for a drug dealer, and started back a dealer : Benjamin Fabre, who was in the area at the time of the crime. Manu asks him to get information about it, but Claire refuses to betray the confidence of his patient. During this time, Janet, the new head of service of the hospital, do not let the doctor Alphand indifferent… Separations in series Bilal can’t recover from the departure of Simon, and decides to consult a psychotherapist. Davia has still feelings for him, but then she does everything for him to change the ideas and attempt a raprochement, he rejects politely his advances. Maryline and Hafida, become accomplices, is already a love story between two roommates…Jo, it out the great game in Sofia by organizing a romantic weekend, but the young woman rejects. Virgil makes him understand that she seeks to improve in the eyes of others, then it should make up for it in the first place… The two women decide, by common agreement, to put an end to their relationship. Then they work together on the oliveraire, Adele gives in and embraces Victor, who decides, despite her disorder, to put things clear between them. Saddened to see that his attraction is not mutual, Adele resigned.

Tonight on tv : matt "The Hunt" and "Dog"
Teaser Arthur’s Law : an avalanche disaster in march for the unfortunate Arthur

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